Simmershome LGRP und LGRD Rhodos – Release 06.12.2017

Hier nun die Vorschau auf das am 06.12.2017 anstehende Release von Rhodos

Release 06.12.2017

  • Photoground LGRP 30cm/px and LGRD (LGRD Standard only)
  • New Mesch and Custom LC
  • Dense Autogen handplaced mixed with new 3D Models
  • Custom Runway with original Skids
  • Custom Taxiways with original Skids
  • Custom Aprons with original Skids
  • Custom Ground Lines and labeling
  • 3D Runway Lights
  • 3D Taxilights with Groundspot
  • 3D Centerlights
  • 3D Papi
  • 3D Approach Lights
  • 3D Grass (switchabele)
  • 3D People (switchable)
  • Hold Short with yellow Lights and WigWags
  • SODE Windsocks real working
  • Apronlamps with dynamic Lights switchable to Standard Lights
  • Park Area backward
  • Streetsystem (Airport Area) 
  • Detailed Outside Area
  • Inside Area ,Duty Free and Petrol area
  • Fire Department
  • Busstop Area
  • Bustraffic (switchable)
  • Inside Vehicle Traffic
  • Detailed Terminal and Tower Complex
  • Accurate working Traff with all Traffic Addons
  • Hight Performance
  • Scenery Configurator
  • Link to AOPA Charts

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